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Glue, kit and accessories

Glue spray

For upholstery, glue spray is ideal! You can easily attach various materials to each other. Foam rubber, cold foam and other types of polyether are widely used as upholstery of a hard chassis. This chassis or carrier on which the foam is glued is made of wood, metal, aluminum or plastic. The combination of a hard and soft material is not a challenge for the glue spray; The confirmation is incredibly strong. Because the glue seam remains soft and resilient, glue spray is extremely suitable for connecting different parts of polyether together.


One of our toppers is the Palty Glue Spray. The products of this brand are very strong, which they have proven by the name they have made. With this spray you ensure that nothing more releases. The different adhesives of Palty are suitable for a variety of materials and especially ideal for attaching cold foam and polyether. We even have glue in the range that is heat -resistant! Because Palty Glue Spray works so well, we also sell this product in large packaging. This way you are extra cheaply!

Foam rubber glue spray

Are you looking for a versatile foam -leak spray that glues everything? You will find it at Bladi Shop! And if you do not immediately find what you are looking for, you can always contact us. We will then try to purchase your desired product for you and add it to our extensive range. A reliable foam glue spray is always a wise addition to our upholstery. We do everything we can to constantly improve our offer. That means that you can always expect the best from Bladi Shop!

Textile glue spray

Not everything can be sewn and sometimes it is nicer not to see a stitching. A textile glue, in spray or tube, can then offer a solution. Of course we have the best sewing In our range for beautiful upholstery fabrics, but also textile glue (spray or tube) works perfectly. For example, if you have to attach decorative stones, a glue gun come in handy. This allows you to dose glue quickly and accurately and attach different materials together.

Textile glue spray can

Certainly when you have to rub larger laps with textile glue, a spray can is ideal. This allows you to spread the glue evenly. That means that you will not see any irregularities on the surface. In addition, the glue comes to the edge completely and will not leave any nasty glue residues. With textile glue in a spray can also work quickly. If you only have to glue a small piece, a tube of glue may be a better option. With precision work on the square centimeter, a spray can be a challenge


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