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Discover the skill of furniture connectors

Bee Bladi Shop we think that your furniture projects should be trouble -free and sturdy. That is where furniture connectors come into play! These smart parts ensure that your furniture is firmly put together, without moving or falling apart. Whether you want to tailor a sofa or want to put together a lounge furniture, furniture connectors are the perfect solution. They are easy to use: attach them to the two furniture elements that you want to keep together and click or slide them together. It is that simple! And the best of everything, in many cases you can easily release the furniture connectors if needed.

Element connectors for large -scale projects

For larger projects, such as making a large couch or an extensive lounge set, element connectors are indispensable. Bee Bladi Shop we offer a wide range of the most common upholstering items, including high -quality upholstery fabrics. Add the element connectors, pillows and other supplies to your shopping cart and we ensure fast delivery. With the right tool, making a sitting area yourself becomes a piece of cake!

Sturdy furniture connectors of metal

If you are looking for a sturdy connection, our Metal furniture connectors are the perfect choice. They are very robust and last a long time. To connect two furniture elements firmly, you need a connector set with both a hole and a slot. These two metal furniture connectors can be effortlessly pushed together and can just as easily be removed, which is useful for relocations or cleaning.

Furniture connectors and more at Bladi Shop

In addition to furniture connectors, we also offer other useful accessories for your furniture projects. For a sleek finish of your couch or chair cushions, we recommend using our glue spray. And to keep everything together firmly, you will find a wide selection of furniture connectors in different types and sizes with us. Is the furniture connector you need not listed? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you further.

Wholesale options for furniture connectors

Bee Bladi We also offer shop wholesale rates for furniture connectors. Do you need large numbers? Let us know! Thanks to our own import we can deliver high -quality furniture connectors at very competitive prices. This way you can always count on the right furniture connectors for your project, at a price that suits you.

Make your furniture projects solid and trouble -free with the high -quality furniture connectors of Bladi Shop!


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