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Naainaalden & Pins

Whether you are going to sew by hand or a machine, good sewing needles are always required. In addition to the two aforementioned applications, you naturally also need needles if you are going to crochet, embroider, string or upholster. And then there are also special needles for different fabrics. A delicate voile fabric will not remain so beautiful if you are going to process it with coarse sewing needles and a thin needle will break quickly when you use it for leather or jeans fabric. At Bladi Shop we therefore have a wide range!

Schmetz Needles

Schmetz needles are the most used for the machine. The machinery of this renowned brand have a flat back and fit into every sewing machine. They are available in different lengths and thicknesses. It is important that you are the best in addition to the right needle sewing used for your application. Schmetz Needles are competitively priced at Bladi Shop! Other haberdashery and tire are also very cheap in our webshop.

Prym needles

All Prym Needles have a finger -friendly top. If you sew by hand, this is so pleasant, especially if you do this regularly and for a long time. The needles are completely free of blackberries and have a smooth eye, making the thread easy to struggle. Prym Needles are of high quality and for various applications. Whether you make clothing and knot must sew or curtains must be surrounded, we have the right needle for you! We also have beautiful ready -made curtains in the range that you can easily hang with our crochet.

Buy needles

At Bladi Shop you have come to the right place if you are going to buy needles. In addition to our extensive range haberdashery we have too upholstery for sale. So you can with our non -wing and upholstery fabrics Make the most beautiful furniture. We do recommend cutting the fabrics with a special dust scissors. This has an extra sharp cutting edge. You can easily buy your needles in our webshop together with your other supplies!

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