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On haberdashery area is elastic one of the most important articles, band Elastic is the absolute topper underneath! The big advantage of the wide elastic band is that it retains its shape. You can use these for many different applications, for clothing of course but also for cloth tensioners. Band elastic is available in different widths and in the colors black or white. Whatever you want to make, it is possible with the haberdashery From Bladi Shop!

Haberdashery band elastic

When you are going to sew, you cannot do without haberdashery As a band elastic. Taillebands in pants and skirts make you with an elastic, but also when you make covers or curtains, elastic can offer a solution. Always use the right sewing waters, although that actually applies to every job you do. Sturdy jeans fabric, for example, requires a yarn that does not snap quickly, and fine satin needs a delicate wire. Under our haberdashery Do you find band elastic and sewing of the best quality!

Wide tire elastic

You can simply stitch the wide tire elastic on the fabric or slide into the fabric through a tunnel. It depends on the effect you want. The application can also influence the method of processing. We recommend taking a firm elastic when there is a lot of tension on it. A wide band elastic can be beautiful for a wide zoom or band, for example. Do you regularly make customized curtains? Then view our other haberdashery. Here you will find handy attributes that make your work a lot easier!

Tire elastic black

For a dark fabric, use elastic band in black. This color is completely absorbed in almost every color and will therefore not stand out. And that is generally what you want, keeping the beautiful fabric intact! In our range you will not only find band elastic in black, but also in white. So that you can also beautifully process fresh and radiant white fabrics. If you are going to cut fabric, it is best to use a special dust scissors, it cuts very sharp!

Buy elastic band

At Bladi Shop we have a very wide range. You can not only buy Band Elastic, but also everything for upholstering your own couch or making curtains. We have beautiful upholstery fabrics In our offer that you can purchase in an advantageous role. And you can not only make the curtains, but also hang it with our handy crochet. You can easily buy your tire elastic in our webshop. By creating an account you can order even easier and faster.

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