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Screws / screws

Whether you are a professional contractor or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, our extensive collection of screws and screws offers everything you need for your construction and assembly work.

Various shapes and sizes: We have a wide range of screws and screws, available in various shapes, sizes and wire types. Whether you are looking for wood screws, metal screws, plasterboard screws, concrete fires or roof pipes, we have the perfect mounting solution for every job.

High quality: We attach great importance to sustainability and reliability. That is why we only select products of the highest quality, made from sturdy materials that can withstand corrosion, wear and heavy loads. With our screws and screws you can count on strong and safe connections, time and time again.

Suitable for various materials: Our mounting materials are suitable for a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, plasterboard, concrete and more. Whether you are building a construction, mounting a piece of furniture or attaching a wall, we have the correct screws and screws for your specific application.

Easy to order: Ordering with us is quick and easy. With a user -friendly website and fast delivery options you can order the screws and screws you need for your project within a few clicks. Whether you need a small amount or place bulk orders, we are ready to meet all your confirmation needs.

In short, our screws and screws are the perfect choice for all your construction and assembly work. Discover our range and order today to get started with your project!


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Furniture screws

Are you creative and handy? Bladi Shop offers you furniture screws for making your own furniture. Of course you can also easily perform other interior construction jobs with our high -quality screws. The furniture screws are strictly checked after production. This means that they are black -minded and super strong and that they guarantee trouble -free processing. You start with a screw and end with a great lounge!

Furniture screws galvanized

You can of course one sedari Or have us tailor -made by us, but with our furniture screws that are galvanized you can also easily get started yourself. The different screws are excellent for various types of wood including MDF and plywood. Our furniture screws are galvanized so that they do not rust. In addition, the screws have a small and flat head, giving you a nice finish and the upholstery fabrics Don't get rid of it!

Furniture screws Dimensions

In our extensive range hardware You will find furniture screws in different sizes. Each job naturally requires its own size. In addition to the screws that are suitable for various types of wood, you will find screws that are suitable for mounting, for example, plasterboard on metal. With all our screws you will find extensive product information. No job is too big with the furniture screws in different sizes from Bladi Shop!

Buy furniture screws

You can actually contact us for the entire process of upholstery. You can buy your furniture screws through our webshop, but also all your others upholstery and haberdashery. Ordering is all easy online! If you regularly have to buy new furniture screws, it can be done to order a larger number from Bladi Shop. You will then receive an extra discount. And we always ensure fast delivery. This way you save both time and money!

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