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Furniture maintenance

With good and correct furniture maintenance, your furniture will last a lot longer. As a furniture maker and/or upholsterer you know this better than anyone. At Bladi Shop we have therefore supplemented our extensive range with quality products for the maintenance of furniture and fabrics. We would like to offer you a general offer. So you can come to us for everything you need to make and upholstering, for example, chairs and benches, but also for furniture maintenance.

Furniture maintenance textile

Cleaning a fabric bank can be a challenge. With special furniture maintenance for textiles, however, this job becomes a piece of cake. Do you often get furniture that you have to repair and clean? Then the special stain remover you order at Bladi Shop is a solution! You can not only use this unique cleaning product for furniture maintenance, but on all kinds of textiles. Also rugs After a thorough treatment, look like new again!

Furniture maintenance skai leather

What is very pleasant about the furniture maintenance of Skai leather is that this is very simple. Skai leather is actually textile with a layer of plastic on it. The surface of this is easy to remove with a soft (possibly slightly damp) cloth. Because the furniture maintenance of Skai leather is so simple, are upholstery fabrics Of the same material in many cases also more attractive than, for example, real leather. In addition, imitation leather can be used versatile and its price is also considerably lower.

Buy furniture maintenance

At Bladi Shop you can buy cheap products for furniture maintenance. When you make furniture, renovates, repair or maintenance, it is always advisable to have good products at hand and in stock. So take a look at our extensive range upholstery and haberdashery. If you are going to buy multiple products for furniture maintenance in our webshop, you are even more cheaper. You will then receive an extra discount. The stains love it, but so do you!


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