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Trim and rope

Bies, also known as welling or piping, is a narrow strip of fabric that is used to cover and strengthen the seams of upholstered furniture. It not only offers a neat and finished appearance, but also improves the durability of the piece of furniture. Available in different materials, colors and thicknesses, Bies offers endless possibilities to adjust your design to your personal style and preferences.

Afnaai rope, also known as a trim cord, is another essential part of the upholstery tool kit. This sturdy cord is used to tighten the upholstery and to create a clean finish along the edges of pillows, chairs and other upholstered parts. With Afnaai rope you can not only improve the shape and structure of the piece of furniture, but also add a decorative accent that reinforces the overall appearance.

Whether you strive for a classic, timeless design or want to give a contemporary twist to your upholstery projects, Bies and Afnaai rope offer the perfect opportunity to express your creativity. Discover our extensive collection of Bies and Afnaai rope and give your furniture the perfect finish they deserve.

Drawer Title
Interieurstoffen skai-leer, velvet, bouclé | Bladi Meubelstoffen
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