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In the upholstery, a "rampa nut" can be a specific type of mounting material that is used when mounting furniture or attaching fabrics to frames. In this application, rampoors are often used to create a sturdy connection between different upholstery elements, such as attaching armrests, backrests or other structural parts to the frame of a piece of furniture.

Rampa nuts for upholstery are usually designed with a thread on one side and a wide, flat base on the other. This wide base ensures that the rampozer stays firmly in place when it is turned into the frame, while the thread makes it possible to turn a screw or bolt in to keep the upholstery in place.

The use of rampaors in upholstery helps to create a sturdy and sustainable connection between the different components of the piece of furniture, which is essential for the structural integrity and the lifetime of the piece of furniture.


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June 14, 2024
Everything you need to know about rampaors

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