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Discover our extensive collection of scissors, specially designed to meet the requirements of both professional upholsterers and do-it-yourselfers for cutting textiles. Whether you are an experienced professional or just start your upholstery adventure, our scissors offer the precision, sustainability and comfort that you need for every project.

Whether you are a professional upholsterer who is looking for high-quality tools or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer who wants to perfect his craft, our collection Scharen offers the perfect solution. Discover our range today and prepare for accurate and professional results when cutting textiles!


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A good dust scissors is indispensable for a tailor or upholsterer! The difference with regular scissors is that the dust scissors have an extra sharp cutter. The scissors go through the butter like a warm knife. In general, the greater the scissors, the heavier the dust to be cut can be. When you work regularly with dust, a dust scissors is one of the best purchases you can make. With good tools, the work becomes a lot easier; Therefore, don't cut it up!

Fabric embroidery scissors

Different applications require their own specific scissors. For the great work we have a special fabric embroidery scissors in the range. With this you cut thread very sharp. If you use regular scissors, you will immediately see this at the end of the wire. This will fray quickly, making it more difficult to get the wire through the eye of needles to string. A fabric embroidery scissors is a solution that works pleasantly and quickly.

Dust scissors textile

A dust scissors is actually suitable for most types of textile. We do, however, recommend using greater scissors for heavy fabrics, such as jeans or velor than for fine woven cotton. The blades will be longer and heavier. If you are going to cut too thick substances with a scissor too small, you run the risk of damaging your tools.

NB Use your dust scissors only for textiles! The blades slide perfectly over each other; If the scissors are used for other materials, the fabric can fold.

Dust scissor tailor

On a special dust scissors that the tailor also uses, you do not have to put a heavy force. Cut will be almost effortless with a solid scissors. It can even be counterproductive when you exert too much power, especially if there is no material between the sheets. The scissors could cut in itself, with the result that a hook enters the leaf. And a damaged scissor gives chopping in the fabric, which does not benefit the processing. With a high quality dust scissors you are a professional tailor in the cap!

Dust scissors furniture

Furniture is upholstered, which means that you also use a dust scissors for adjusting furniture. upholstery fabrics are generally a bit heavier than the fabrics that serve as a basis for clothing. That is why the scissors are often of a heavier quality, just like it sewing. You can order a dust scissor for furniture cheaply at Bladi Shop. Together with all the other haberdashery that you need as an upholsterer. View our extensive range of easily online.

Buy dust scissors

At Bladi Shop you can also buy a dust scissors for links. When you put blinking power, the blades are pressed against each other. Do you use scissors for right -handed people as a left -handed person? Then the blades are pressed apart, and vice versa. That way you can't cut dust properly. Buying a dust scissors for the right hand is therefore recommended. Create an account and easily order in our webshop. Take advantage of our fast delivery!

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