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Decorative nails

Decorative nails, furniture nails, and decorative nails strips

Decorative nails

Decorative nails are decorative nails that are often used in furniture upholstery. They are available in different styles, shapes and finishes to meet various design styles. Decorative nails are often used on benches, chairs and other upholstered furniture to add a touch of elegance or a vintage look.

Furniture nails

Furniture nails are specially designed for the construction or repair of furniture. They can be both functional and decorative, depending on the design. Because they are often used in visible places, furniture nails are available in various finishes to match the style of the piece of furniture.

Decorative nagging strips

Decorative nagging strips consist of a series of decorative nails that can be applied as a whole. They simplify the process of adding a row of decorative nails, whereby a uniform distance and alignment is guaranteed. These comics are particularly useful for large upholstery projects or when a consistent decorative line is desired.

These elements are essential for both the aesthetic and functional aspects of furniture and restoration. Whether you design a new piece of furniture or do an old piece, decorative nails, furniture nails and ornamental nails offer the perfect finishing touch. At Bladi upholstery fabrics You can order these products in different types, colors and sizes.

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